President's Welcome

Dear Friends of DePaul Catholic,

Father Jared Brogan, DePaulís new president, has advised Bishop Kevin Sweeney that, for personal reasons, he cannot continue to serve as head of the school. While heís been on Alps Road but a short time, heís made friends, and heíll be missed. I know you join me in wishing him well.

Given my recent experience as head of the school, Bishop Sweeney has asked me to step in as president once again, on an interim basis, pending the appointment of a permanent successor to Father Brogan. As many of you know, I spent last spring in three hospitals with a bad case of COVID-19. With Godís grace I survived, and my recovery, while yet ongoing, has progressed to the point that I am able to accept the Bishopís invitation. Iím happy to do so.

Bishop Sweeney and Superintendent Mary Baier have assured our Board of Trustees (chaired by Ken Marshall, í83) that the selection of a new president for DePaul will receive their immediate attention. While thereís no telling exactly how long that process will take, we can be sure that it will proceed (to borrow a phrase from the Supreme Court) ď with all deliberate speed.Ē

In the meantime, we will go forward as planned. Instruction begins next week. Principal Russell Petrocelli and his team have worked very hard over the summer to ensure that we can do so. With Godís help, we will have yet another wonderful year.

St Vincent DePaul, pray for us!

Dr. Robert Stickles, Ed.D., J.D.