President's Welcome

Greetings, Friends of DePaul Catholic,

Thank you for visiting our website, and for giving us the opportunity to show you all the good things that go on here at our school. For over sixty years, DePaul has been “the place to be.” We continue to do what we’ve always done, to provide our students with a faith-filled, quality college preparatory education in a safe and caring environment. Our faculty and staff, many of whom are Spartan alumni themselves, are dedicated to this effort.

I hope you’ll travel all around our website, to experience, virtually, the many facets of DePaul life. Academics, of course, are important, and you’ll learn of our various programs, including our Advanced Placement and Honors offerings. But as important as our academics are, our faith formation and service platforms command equal attention, and you’ll read about them as well. And you’ll discover what “Spartan Life” is like, the extra-curricular clubs and athletic teams that do so much to complement what goes on in the classroom. Please also spend some time on our staff directory page, to discover the interesting and varied training and experiences our teachers, coaches and administrators bring to bear on our students’ time here.

As informative as your visit to our website will be, it won’t compare to the experience of being here on our campus. Please know that you are always welcome to come by, and see for yourself what we’re about.

Thank you for your interest in DePaul.

St. Vincent DePaul, pray for us!


Dr. Robert Stickles, Ed.D., J.D.