Mr. Joseph Dubois

  • Facilities and Maintenance

  • Phone: 973.694.3702 extension 213

  • Appointed: 2008

"Mr. Dubois, please call in." Mr. Dubois never quite knows what awaits on the other side of that page, as his day is filled with diverse tasks. On rare occasions, Mr. Dubois can accomplish a planned task, but more often than not, he's running from one end of the building to the other responding to emergencies that vary from the mundane there are no paper towels in the Main Office to the more urgent there's someone stuck in the elevator.

A multi-talented member of the facilities and maintenance team, Mr. Dubois' specialized talent comes as a locksmith. He was instrumental in changing our doors over to the current IR proximity system. On game nights and special occasions, you'll find Mr. Dubois manning one of the gates -- true testimony that he is always available to lend a helping hand to the DePaul Community.