Ms. Rosemary Marte

  • English Teacher

  • Phone: 973.694.3702


  • Appointed: November 2017

  • B.A. William Paterson University of New Jersey - English Writing
  • M.A. William Paterson University of New Jersey - English K-12
  • New Jersey Standard Teaching Certification - English K-12 Specialization
  • New Jersey Supervisor Certification

Ms. Marte has been teaching English at the high school level since 2014. Ms. Marte is currently completing a masterís degree in educational leadership to obtain her principalís certificate. Additionally, Ms. Marte aims to enhance her instructional techniques, as well as establish a leadership philosophy through the attainment of this advanced degree.

Ms. Marte is currently teaching 10th grade English, 8th grade English, and Mythology. Ms. Marteís philosophy is centered on character education and authentic teaching that leads to meaningful learning of the concepts taught in literature and in writing. Ms. Marte believes in guiding students toward applying academic lessons to their lives, both within as well as outside of academic settings.

Ms. Marte's interests include: writing, reading, viewing historical documentaries, and singing.

Professional Affiliations:
Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society
National Council of Teachers of English

Nominated for New Jersey Distinguished Student Teacher Award (2013-2014)
Undergraduate Dean's List recognition (2010-2012)