Ms. Lucila Meza

  • World Languages Department Chairperson
  • National Honor Society Advisory Committee Member

  • Phone: 973.694.3702


  • Appointed: 2002

  • Universidad Externado de Colombia - Law Studies

Seņora Meza has taught all levels of the Spanish language at DePaul. Currently, she teaches Spanish 3, Honors Spanish 3 and 4, and AP Spanish. Seņora Meza also works for Berlitz Ridgewood Learning Center as a Spanish instructor. At DePaul, Seņora Meza is a member of the National Honor Society Committee of Teachers, Adviser of the World Language Honor Society, and co-moderator of the Spanish Club. She was the 2019 recipient of the Dawn DeStefano Outstanding Teacher Award and a subscriber to Education Week.

One of the best rewards of her job is receiving messages from alumni students saying how prepared they feel in their college language courses and how they plan to pursue the Spanish language by studying abroad. Seņora's hobbies include reading, cooking, and yoga.